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Australians Against Internet Censorship

The Australian government is currently quietly going ahead with plans to filter all Australian's access to the internet in a manner similar to the People's Republic of China and Iran.

This is despite the facts that
  • The filter will significantly slow down the internet for all Australians. Trials in Tasmania and Brisbane showed the most efficient filter caused an 87% reduction in net speed.
  • The filters trialled blocked as much as 7.8% of legitimate websites. That's close to 1 in 10. Whilst as much as 13% of material that should have been blocked was still accessible.
  • Websites will also be blacklisted without your knowledge or consent. If your websites is blacklisted there will be no legal means to appeal the decision.
  • The filter represents a dangerous erosion of our freedom and civil liberty
So, before this terrible idea is enacted we call on Australians to

get informed.
get connected.
get organised.
and Stop The Clean Feed.

Join our forums to find out how YOU can help.

Some of our current activities:

get informed.
Links to more information about the planned filter.
Somebody Think of The Children
Electronic Frontiers Australia
Commercial Law
Leave The Net Alone

User Friendly Cartoon

Amnesty International
Got a link that should go here? Tell us in our forums

get connected.
Links to places where people are discussing the filter.
Digital liberty coalition
Our Forums
GetUp! Campaign
Whirlpool Forums
Leave The Net Alone Forums
Got a link that should go here? Tell us in our forums

get organised.

Join our forums to join the effort to
stop the filter.

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